SCG Ceramics was founded since August 1st, 2018 from the amalgamation between 5 companies including Thai Ceramics Co.Ltd., Thai-German Ceramic Industry Public Limited ,The Siam Ceramic Group Industries Company Limited, Sosuco and Group (2008) Co.Ltd., and Gemago Co.Ltd.

The amalgamation ranked SCG Ceramics as one of the leading ceramics tile manufacturers and distributors in Thailand in terms of revenue and asset value. As of 31 March 2018, the New Company has production capacity and quantity of 94.0 million square meters per year and 69.0 million square meters per year, respectively. The New Company has market share of 58 percent.

The company enhances the production capacity and research and development by combining resources to develop a variety of new products that can better serve the needs of its customers and can expand customer base to cover all segmentations.

SCG Ceramics also aims to provide one stop service ranging from manufacturing to installation of quality ceramic floor and wall tiles in order to differentiate from its peers and increase customer satisfaction.